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You Wont Need a University Degree or a Feng Shui Background to Understand our Content.  We give you an easy way to attend and even be able to understand your own Chinese Astrology chart using this special method we share.

Attending our Webinar and Listening to our Webinar Content will help you to understand the energies of the coming Earth Dog Year and focus all your efforts effectively - so that you can achieve your goals and aspirations.  This vital Webinar information will help you to know the exact positive energy that's backing you and what you must avoid to stop wasting your time or heading in the wrong direction for your energy this year and why...  This Webinar will help you discover your own "path of least resistance" so that you can be more effective, bypass obstacles easily and achieve your greatest success in 2018.

The true "Insider Information" on the Earth Dog Year will help you to craft, design and create proper strategies to be effective in 2018 and develop the way you approach relationships, business, networking, health care whilst avoid negativity and bad vibes...

All the information shared in this inexpensive Webinar will be stored in a membership area for you - so that you can return to listen to the parts you need to again and again... at your own leisure.  Nothing will be lost.  If you are unable to attend the Live Webinar on the day - everything is recorded for you and the replay is 100% available to you.

The Use of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Each Year Helps Us Grow our Lives and Reach Our Dreams Easily...  Here Are Some of the Insightful Advantages You Get...

Discover: Where the Good + Bad Energies Will Be in 2018...

Good and Bad energy exists in every home all the time.  However each year, negative energies come alive potently in some sectors PLUS there are positive energies to activate.  Yearly energy is the most powerful of all Feng Shui Energy because the Chi is new and alive.  Align yourself with the positive forces of nature.

See What Your Front Door Can Offer You in 2018 Year...

Some years we have FANTASTIC energy at our main door.  Other years we can have the plague at the doorstep!! Just a small handful of people deal with these energy SO SUCCESSFULLY they reach the Happy Zone Effectively.  Yearly Feng Shui like this gives a 70% boost in some cases...

What Kind of Energy Can You Tap Into To Stop The Negative...

Working "Out There" can be a minefield of miscommunication and energies that cannot possibly synchronize or flow together properly.  BUT! Understanding how"YOUR ENERGY" is geared up in 2018 allows you to get to the best part of your job easily, without complication.

Feng Shui is Trusted By World Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Switched On Celebrities to Create "The Best Life Possible"

There is a Secret to Growing your Business or Making Your Life and Your Relationships Really Good - and that is Staying Up To Date With The Current Energies.  The Most Successful People Use Feng Shui Each Year to Grow their Business, Align their Energies, Sustain their Fortunes and Be in the Right Spot at the Right Time..  and YOU can too!!

What Other Things Can Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Do For Me?

Identify Things that Can Affect Your Own Personal Energy...

There are 100's of things that can affect our Personal Feng Shui Energies each year but being on top of it and having "a Game Plan" to go to with this stuff makes an enormous difference.  Only Good Strategy and the right direction can helps us reach the destination we want.

Invent The Roadmap YOU need to Survive and Succeed...

No-one can know our Roadmap like us... But what happens if we don't know the Roadmap either?  Very hard to reach the Goal!!  Time to visit the moment of Truth Roadmap.  The View is Better than you think.  Agree to be successful and start your path from there...

Here Are Just A Few Of The Powerful Topics...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Can you tell me the cost of attending your Webinar?

A:   YES. If you purchase before Midnight of Feb 2nd 2018 you can attend for $7 and receive all of the above bonuses that go with it.  On Feb 3rd the price will go up to $47.

Q:   What Happens If I Cannot Attend the Webinar On the Date You Suggest?

A:   The Webinar is Recorded and Will be available in the Members area.  You can listen to the replay there at any time. However, I would encourage you to try and make it.  We will have special giveaways on the Webinar - that will NOT be available on the Replay...

Q:   Can I give my friend access to the membership area?

A:   No. You will find that we have a lot of technology on our membership site and we record your IP address.  Likewise we manually approve each link for the Webinar and it is coded for your computer (and will not work if it is shared).  What we hope is that you will enjoy learning with us and will share this valuable opportunity with your friends so that you can all attend.  $7 is not a lot of money for such valuable information.  If we see evidence of piracy we reserve the right to ban you from our website without notice.

Q:   This information is available for free out on the internet - why should I pay?

A:    Actually you will NOT find this type of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology combination out on the internet at all!!

This is a Personalized Application of Advanced Information that uses a Specialized Technique to deliver.  If you feel that the information on the internet satisfies your needs - then by all means open your internet browser and go for it :-).

Q:   Are there Handouts for the Webinar?

A:   YES, we provide a Webinar Workbook... 🙂

Q:   Do You Offer Support For Your Webinar?

A:   At the time of the actual Webinar - no our support desk will be closed as we will be doing the webinar.  We recommend reading the email that comes from GoToWebinar LIVE LINK thoroughly and being on the webinar early so that you can make sure your computer has everything you need (ie internet connection, headphones or computer speakers, screen to view the webinar) to attend properly.

However our support help desk will be open after the Webinar.  Our usual Support Department hours are open between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Q:   Can I ask Questions About Feng Shui after the Webinar?

A:   Yes, you can ask question about the Webinar afterwards however, if your questions are more advanced or you are requiring a greater level of support (because you are looking for a greater level of information) we will recommend you upgrade to a higher level of information.  We are making this offer available to you at $7 for attending the Webinar, all bonuses and extra additions, and we hope that you understand that there are advanced levels of Yearly Feng Shui and this is why we offer them.  If you listen to the replay a few times you will understand the information you need in 2018 or you can upgrade.

Q:   Am I going to be able to follow the Webinar if it is "Advanced Content?"

A:   Yes, we have a Special Way of introducing it that you should be able to follow along with.  The aim of the Webinar is to help you understand what's going on for YOU.  If you focus on this during the webinar and stick to it, later, you'll be able to review all your friends, relatives, partners, etc.  If you try to understand everyone at the same time - you won't get it!!  So just have the intention to LISTEN FOR YOU and you will get a lot of Aha Moments and Personal Transformation.  This Webinar gets YOU ready for the Earth Dog Year FIRST and everyone else later... 🙂

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